About Akashaia

Hi Folks!

Welcome to Akashaia.com.

My name’s Sandra, I’m a 42 years-old «mompreneur», as they say. I’m French, so my English might sound a bit wacky at times 😀 but I trust we’ll understand each other anyway.

As you’ll soon discover,  I love the world of fantasy.  I’ll explain why in a future article. As a teenager, I could spend whole nights playing RPG games. You know, when there was no Internet yet. 😀 My favorites were those in which you create a team, and learn to function as such through trials… and errors. (Which is to me a great metaphor for life itself.) I’ve also, incidentally, been a literary translator for close to two decades, specializing in… yes, fantasy literature.

But now, ladies and gents, without further ado…

Were you told that life was a serious matter?

Were you scolded as a child for trying to light things up when adults seemed upset, because you could naturally see the bright side of things? Were you perceived as “careless” and shamed for your positive and upbeat nature?

Well, I was.

Did I lower my head and try to become more serious? I did.

Did I define myself by someone else’s perception of who they thought I were, doubting everything I could feel or think or do? Did I think everybody knew me better than I did? Hell, yeah.

Did I start judging myself harshly for being so “insensitive and inconsequential”? I certainly did, too.


Did that make me a better person? Nooo.

Did that help me grow into a balanced adult? Noooo.

Quite the contrary.

I’ve spent most of my life trying to snuff out my spark of Divine joy, my happy-hippie-pixie soul which seemed so indecent to others.

As a result I had become :

  • more cynical
  • very stern at times
  • overweight
  • quite angry
  • very ashamed of my body, of my silly ideas… of myself.

Is it really how it’s meant to be? Now, seriously. Are we to spend our life on this planet in fear, in sadness, in anger, in shame? Eww: in self-loathing?!


No, we’re SO not!

We are happy, joyous, creative beings by essence! It’s our divine heritage. It’s in our DNA. It’s who we are at our core.

Are we to let sad, grumpy dreamers paint our lives dark with their gloomy nightmares?

Are we to reject Who We Are, just because our inner light hurts the eyes of those who don’t want their well-rooted set of beliefs disturbed?

Are we to let this one life go to waste because we’ve worn other people’s glasses for so long we can’t see the magic of Life anymore?

Are we to become sad adults like the ones who shaped us? (Knowing, of course, they did their best. But that’s another matter. We don’t have to be like them, full stop.)


When I finally understood I had the right to be as odd, as crazy, as shiny as I wanted, because this is my life and I’ll have only one as the unique combination of energy I was born with, things started getting radiant again.

It didn’t happen overnight. But I think it did actually happen «by magic». Life’s guided me to the right persons, friends, healers, writers, to the right courses and trainings for my true, happy self to shine again.

I’ve gradually learnt to see the Magic of Life through my “grownup” eyes. As we all used to, as children.

And I want to help you do just the same. I want you to live the happy, magical life you’re meant to live, as a beloved child of the Universe/the Divine/the Source. Because the more happy people on this planet today, the better for the future of humanity. The better for this beautiful planet. The better.

So let’s find your spark and nurture it back to its full blooming radiance. Let’s carry it proudly. Let’s create a chain-reaction of Love and Joy and Light on this planet!

That’s my purpose. And if you’re reading this, I trust that’s your purpose too. Leave the past. Heal the pain. Shine anew. Spread the love.

Let there be Magic!